Serving as a pillar of legitimacy for the cannabis enterprise through promoting scientific advancement and empowering community.


Advancing the cannabis chemistry enterprise by driving scientific innovation and integrity.

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CANN’s mission of creating an empowered community to advance scientific innovation and legitimacy in the cannabis space would not be possible without its active membership. As a CANN member, we strive to consistently provide you with valuable resources and networking opportunities to mutually support these efforts. As a CANN member, you receive:


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From social media, to scholarship administration, to event planning, to fund raising and more, volunteering with CANN is your best opportunity to develop connections and experience with people in the cannabis industry.

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Member Highlights

John de la Parra, PhD.

Ethnobotanist and Plant Chemist

Before I was involved with CANN I was not explicitly involved with cannabis. In my mind there are two distinct eras: pre-CANN and post-CANN. As a professional chemist and ethnobotanist with expertise in medicinal plants, I had some initial hesitancy in becoming too closely associated with cannabis. However, CANN has legitimized the serious scientific study of the plant, just as any other medicinal plant or plant of economic significance.

CANN membership has given me access to some of the top scholars in the Cannabis industry. Generally, it helps place the scientific study of cannabis in a rigorous analytical framework which helps the entire industry and my work in particular.

As a result of CANN and the ElSohly award, I have been invited to give talks around the world on cannabis and other medicinal and crop plants. Indirectly, it has led to me developing a course at Tufts University called “The Cannabis Debate” which has been a great success. I’ve also developed cannabis modules for medicinal plant courses I’ve developed and taught at Harvard University.

I recommend CANN membership to anyone interested in getting involved in the cannabis
industry. It’s the best place for networking with serious cannabis scientists.

Lizzy Wagner PhD.

“I go to a lot of networking events and CANN is always really good at making that balance between having fun and getting to know folks in a professional setting and I love that about the CANN events. From a networking perspective, it’s always really nice to speak with folks. Everyone is always very open it seems like everyone I meet just wants to help you out. They want to help you learn about the industry or learn what type of roles are out there or even help you get those roles. There is this feeling of being on the same team and wanting to progress the science in an effective and fun way that I really like”

Executive Committee

CANN’s Executive Committee is comprised of a dedicated group of volunteers whose passion exceeds the hurdles of this industry. Through the collaboration of its nine committees and officers, CANN is successfully making a space for cannabis chemistry in the larger scientific community. The Executive Committee works together to drive CANN’s many initiatives, including CANN’s technical symposia at the American Chemical Society National Meetings, the ElSohly Award, monthly Journal Clubs and publications, international relations, social media presence, and more. Volunteer opportunities are limitless and we encourage you to reach out and get involved


ElSohly Award

The Cannabis Chemistry Subdivision of the American Chemical Society has established the first ever cannabis chemistry award known as the ElSohly Award, sponsored by Heidolph North America. The ElSohly Award provides researchers, students, and industry professionals with the resources to present their work at the annual Spring National Meeting of the American Chemical Society. For more information and for those who are interested in applying, please send inquiries to


Fall 2020 National Meeting Proceedings of the Cannabis Chemistry Subdivision

Fall 2019 National Meeting San Diego: Proceedings of the Cannabis Chemistry Subdivision

Spring 2020 National Meeting: Proceedings of the Cannabis Chemistry Subdivision

Cannabis Science and Technology™ hosts CANN’s Virtual Symposium

Spring 2019 National Meeting Orlando: Proceedings of the Cannabis Chemistry Subdivision

CANN Events

April 2023
Abstract Submission Due - Fall 2023 San Francisco
March 2023
ACS Spring 2023 National Meeting - Indianapolis, Indiana
August 2023
ACS Fall National Meeting San Francisco, CA

American Chemical Society National Meetings

The Cannabis Chemistry Subdivision under the Division of Chemical Health and Safety holds technical symposia at each bi-annual ACS National Meeting. CANN’s technical symposia provide a platform for scientists to present and discuss current research in the cannabis space. Following these technical sessions, CANN organizes networking events that create a casual environment to expand networks and foster lasting relationships with other industry and research professionals.

Journal Club

Be at the Cutting Edge of Cannabis Science
Join us for our International Cannabis Chemistry Journal Club
Live Webinar followed by Q&A session

CANN’s Journal Club is the only international cannabis chemistry webinar of its kind. Journal club focuses on recent peer reviewed publications in the cannabis science space and is open to the public free of charge. Sessions are held monthly and broadcast via webinar. Presentations are often made by publication authors themselves. This provides an excellent opportunity for audience members to learn from and interact with leading cannabis scientists.

Mahmoud A. ElSohly, Ph.D


“Analytical Methods Used at ElSohly Labs, Inc., for the Quantitation of Various Cannabinoids in Cannabis Biomass and Extracts”.

Lex Pelger


“Glutamate, GABA & the Ouroboros of the Cannabinoids”


Dr. Ethan Russo


“The Case for the Entourage Effect and Conventional Breeding of Clinical Cannabis: No “Strain”, No Gain”





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