Brittaney Dowd
Public Relations Committee Chair

Brittaney Dowd graduated from Florida International University with her Bachelors in Chemistry. Finishing up her undergraduate research, she decided to venture to the ACS National Meeting 2018 in New Orleans to explore career options. There, she found CANN and her goals immediately shifted towards the burgeoning cannabis industry. Through CANN, Brittaney was connected to two jobs. Her first job in the cannabis industry was at Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs in San Diego, California. Currently, she lives in Salt Lake city and is the Chief Chemist at Dragonfly, the first vertically integrated cannabis company in Utah. 

“Like any similar story in this industry, my start was unconventional. My last semester of college I decided to go to the ACS National Meeting in New Orleans. On a whim, I stumbled upon CANN’s symposia and was floored by the hard science developing in the cannabis industry. Afterwards, the networking event was the perfect place to connect with other people pioneering this industry. I was extremely inspired by the incredibly smart and passionate individuals that make CANN. I agreed to volunteer and that was the best decision I could have made for my career path. Through CANN, I have met several figures in the cannabis science space and expanded my network across the country. I was connected to both of my jobs through CANN colleagues who became true friends and mentors. I am honored to be a part of CANN in a time where it truly is the Wild West of science. Cannabis scientists need a legitimate home, and ACS serves the right place to reach the greater scientific community. CANN Fam forever!”