ACS National Meeting 2022 Symposia Schedule

Tuesday, August 23rd 2022 : Latest Developments in Cannabis Science and Sustainability; the "ID and analytics" session
2:05-2:35PM Extraction, purification and bioactivity of policosanols from Cannabis sativa L. Federica Pellati
2:35-3:05PM Cannasulfur compounds: A new paradigm for the chemistry of cannabis Iain Oswald
3:05-3:35PM Purple Rain: CBD discolouration results from cascading photo-redox reactions Brodie Thomson; Markus Roggen
3:45-4:15PM Optimization of a new HPLC method for the simultaneous separation of cannabinoids by experimental design techniques Virginia Brighenti
4:15-4:45 Sustainability in the evolving scenario of cannabinoid bioanalysis: Microsampling for the assessment of Δ8-THC and metabolites Michele Protti
Wednesday Morning Session - August 24th 2022 : Blazing Trails: Cannabis Chemistry in Post-secondary Education
9:05-9:35AM Cannabinoid separation: A new HPLC system suitable for cannabis research in undergraduate laboratories Alicia Douglas
9:35-10:05AM Medicinal Plant Chemistry five years in: A report on the development and status of the first cannabis chemistry undergraduate degree program Brandon Canfield
10:05-10:35AM The Masters in Cannabis Science and Therapeutics at University of Maryland, Baltimore: An Overview Alexandra Harris
10:45-11:15AM Olive Harvey College Urban Agriculture Curriculum Development…the Cannabis path Akilah Easter
11:15-11:45AM Cannabis biology and chemistry at Colorado State University Pueblo David Lehmpuhl
Wednesday Afternoon Session - August 24th 2022: Blazing Trails: Cannabis Chemistry in Post-secondary Education
2:05-2:35PM Fields to Findings, from Seeds to Statistics Alexander Wilson
2:35-3:05PM A second-year, course-based undergraduate research experience (CURE) in the organic chemistry of cannabinoids Matthew Mio
3:05-3:35PM Advancing Cannabis/Hemp Technology Platform Through an Educational-Consulting Interface (CFS) Jerry King
3:35-4:05PM Cannabis chemistry in the European scenario of higher education programmes: A diversified network of opportunities Laura Mercolini
Thursday August 25th 2022: Latest Developments in Cannabis Science and Sustainability
9:05-9:35AM Beyond Terpenes: An Untargeted Approach for Characterizing and Categorizing Cannabis Cultivars to Derive a Robust Chemotaxonomy Aldwin Anterola
9:35-10:05AM A Closer Look at Cannabis: Using Cryo-SEM, GC/MC, and HPLC to Compare Trichome Density and Trichome Ratio to Secondary Metabolite Profiles in Cannabis sativa Steven Philpott
10:05-10:35AM Advances in extraction of compounds of value from biomass using hot air as an extraction medium Steven Bonde
10:35-11:05AM Beyond THC Remedation: Examples of Cannabinoid Isolations with Centrifugal Partition Chromatography Manar Alherech
Amber Wise, PhD
Programming Committee Chair

Amber Wise has a PhD in Chemistry from UC-Berkeley and spent the early part of her career as an undergraduate chemistry lecturer and research professor for 7 years at universities in San Francisco, Bangladesh and Chicago. After transitioning out of academia in 2016, she was the Scientific Director at Avitas Agriculture in Washington and Oregon for two years, overseeing the cannabis extraction and refinement facilities and handling the data analysis, new product development and scientific growth of the company.  She is currently the Science director at Medicine Creek Analytics, an ISO-17025 accredited cannabis testing lab outside Seattle.  She serves on the Washington State Dept. of Ecology Cannabis Science Task Force Steering Committee and assists in organizing a Seattle-based cannabis science group, CANN-STEM.